Every photo counts.

The first Styrian animal photo competition 2023 for a good cause.

Whether beginner or professional photographer, everyone can participate in the competition. Send in your most beautiful animal photos, whether wildlife, pets or farm animals. A donation of at least 5€ must be made per submitted photo to participate in the competition. The donated money will be sent by you directly to the donation account of Dogs, Cats & More. The maximum number per participant is 3 photos. 

You don’t have a photo for submission? No problem you can also donate without submitting a photo via our entry form.

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Spaces of time

Submission deadline

1 February 2023

Closing date

1 April 2023

Announcement of places

6-8 weeks after closing date

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1st place

100 Euro Amazon voucher

2nd place

70 Euro Amazon voucher

3rd place

50 Euro Amazon voucher

The Jury

205er Photography


Ajgor Benk


Peter Kuntner



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! Important !

The most important facts at a glance
  1. Dates:

    From 1 February 2023 to 1 April 2023, 11:59 p.m., the pictures including the real contact details (name, address, e-mail) must be uploaded via the form for participation. By sending the photos, the entrants also accept the conditions of participation. Shipments arriving after the closing date cannot be considered. 205er Photography recommends that all participants submit images early. Each participant can submit a maximum of three pictures. If a participant submits more than three photos, only the most recently sent pictures will be considered.

  1. Sizes:

    The pictures must be submitted in JPG format. The maximum file size is 5 MB.

  1. Image title/file name:

    The file name must not contain the name of the participant or allow conclusions to be drawn about the identity of the participant. Ideally, the participant uses the file name to give the submitted work a title, for example “Bild_ohne_Namen.jpg”. The awarding of a title is voluntary, but a good title can help to arouse the interest of the jurors. Basically, however, the image must be able to speak for itself, the title should therefore not exceed the length of 30 characters. If a participant does not award a title, 205er Photography reserves the right to award a title itself in the event of an award.

  1. Image processing and montages:

    Image edits are allowed. Montages must be marked as such. If the photographic performance takes a back seat due to excessive editing of the images, it is possible that members of the jury will have a negative impact on this fact in their evaluation.

  2. Risk:                                                                                                                                             The risk of loss or damage of image files during online transmission is borne by the participants. Liability on the part of 205er Photography is excluded.
  1. Exclusion from the competition:

    205er Photography can exclude inappropriate pictures from the competition without giving reasons. Violations of the conditions of participation also lead to exclusion.

  1. Personal data:

    205er Photography will store the personal data of the participants exclusively for the competition. The collected data will not be passed on to third parties, unless without disclosure the implementation and processing of the competition can not be operated or only with disproportionately high effort.

  1. Notification of winning:

    205er Photography will notify the winners by email approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the closing date. 205er Photography recommends all participants to include the e-mail address photography.205er@yahoo.com in their address book. This prevents reply mails from being sorted out by the spam filter.

  1. Obligations of the participant:

    By submitting a picture, the participant certifies the work as his own. Images cannot contain elements created by others. (e.g. clipart, Images or art by others downloaded from the Internet). Entrant authorizes 205er Photography and its partners to release all or part of the submitted material free of charge for publication and/or display in media in the In this context, it is important to reproduce the relationship with competition. This may include posting at low resolution on a website. Note: Entrants who state that their images may not be reproduced or used “will not be eligible for prizes” or to include postings “and may be disqualified by 205er Photography”.205er Photography and the partners assume no liability for copyright misuse. Furthermore, the participant assures with the submission of possibly photographed persons as well as from owners of rights existing to depicted objects, to have received a written declaration of consent for participation in the competition. The participants indemnify 205er Photography and all partners and media from any claims of third parties.

  1. Rights of use:

    With the submission, the participant grants 205er Photography and the partners of the competition a spatially, temporally and content-unlimited, non-exclusive right of use to the images. In addition to the use of the , this also includes the passing on and publication of the images on 205er-photography.at, in press releases, in media and on social media channels of 205er Photography and its partner in the photo competition. The awardees cannot claim a usage fee for the aforementioned uses.

  1. Jury decision:

    The jury alone decides on the winning pictures in a multi-stage process. The jury’s decision is final and final.

  2. Special rules if a participant submits more than three images:

    If an entrant submits more than three images, only the first three entries will be evaluated.  Even with three entries, a participant can win a maximum of one of the prizes awarded. Within the framework of the competition, only the image that has achieved the highest jury rating of the submitted works of the participant will be considered.

  1. Prices:

    A cash payment of the prizes is not possible. 205er Photography reserves the right to cancel prizes for certain reasons (e.g. delivery difficulties, lack of availability) and to replace them with an equal or higher prize.205er Photography does not grant any warranty or guarantee claims on the prizes. It is the responsibility of manufacturers or sponsors to fulfil these requirements as a gesture of goodwill. Prices are based on the manufacturer’s MSRP, information provided by the respective prize sponsor or estimates by the organiser. Errors are not excluded.

  2.  Eligibility

    Participation from the age of 18. Main residence in Europe.

Your money goes directly to the donation account of Dogs, Cats & More 

IBAN: AT16 3804 3000 0271 9433

You have the possibility to donate by bank transfer or directly by PayPal.

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